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How to play Live Casino games online

InterCasino features the very latest technology to bring you a huge variety of popular casino table games via video link. So, you’ll see the real-life (and very beautiful) dealers shuffling the cards, spinning the roulette wheel and calling bets in real time from your desktop computer or mobile device.

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You can even interact via chat with the dealers and other players whilst the game proceeds. So, it really is as close to the real thing as you can get without hoping on a plane to Las Vegas. What’s more, you get two varieties to choose from: Casino Paris and Casino Cosmopolitan.

One thing to note is that online Live Casino is only for the pros. You can’t play Live Casino games for free. Only real money bets can be made, but the rewards can be well worth it!

So what exactly is live casino?

Live online casino games really have been taking over the world of gambling in recent years. The normal casino games are all represented, but instead of being purely digital, there are actual TV studios with real dealers playing live. The companies that offer these games – including InterCasino – have dealers in many languages, not only English. As you might imagine, there are many millions of people around the world that like to play casino games.

Live games include many of the perennial gambling favourites such as blackjack and roulette, but do not include the big jackpot games that can be found in the slot aisles.

Playing from home offers the chance to join in the luxury and have some of the experience of a real brick and mortal location, without any of the need to get dressed up, travel or find a parking space. Playing with a real croupier provides some glamour, some conversation and that real life atmosphere that we all enjoy so much. As everyone would expect, our croupiers are always attractive, well dressed and polite – essentially they are a pleasure to be around and spend time with.

How do live casino games work?

We use a combination of the latest TV technology and the internet to blend your experience from the usual one way TV model into an interactive one. As a player, your TV or computer will show the live feed from our studio and the table you have chosen to play at. By selecting options, your play will fed through your InterCasino account and into a live game. It is possible to chat with our dealers while you play. This is an experience built on having a great time with others, but without needing to leave home.

Where can you play InterCasino?

Here at InterCasino we offer games and entertainment for many nationalities and in several languages. Our main sites serve the UK and Danish markets. We also operate a multi-lingual site which can be found at

We also offer games on all device formats. Many of our players prefer to play on their mobile device or smartphone and we are very pleased to offer these options.

Will you enjoy the interaction of Live Casino?

A very popular aspect of live online casino games is the chance for players to interact. There are chat functions that make it possible for players to send messages to each other whilst at the table. It is also possible to chat with your dealers or croupiers. The dealers, of course, are there to be polite and professional, so they will answer. However, dealers and croupiers run games for all players, meaning that they cannot engage in long conversations, but they can and will reply to your questions, just as they would in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City or any other famous real-world establishment.

Live casino games are now among the fastest growing and most popular forms of gambling entertainment. Given how popular the games are and how many people enjoy the experience, we strongly suggest that you sign up today and enjoy yourself!

Who are our live game providers?

At InterCasino, we have two providers of Live Casino games: Casino Cosmopolitan and Casino Paris.

Casino Cosmopolitan is operated by Evolution Gaming, a Swedish company. Evolution has TV studios in both Latvia and Malta, from where their services and games are operated. They provide eight games, each one is live 24/7/365 in multiple languages. The high level of professionalism and quality of the games are the main reasons that Evolution Gaming was selected to be one of our key providers.

Our other provider is Casino Paris, which is operated by NetEnt. Launched in 2013, their games are very high quality and we consider them to be a very important provider. Both companies have Swedish stock market listings.