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How to play roulette online

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world and playing roulette online at InterCasino is dead simple. There are 3 main varieties — the original French roulette, European roulette and American roulette, with the latter featuring an additional double zero ‘00’ on the wheel. There are even some super fun variations of the game at InterCasino, too, including Monopoly Roulette.

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If you’ve never played roulette before, you can always start off playing for fun to learn the ropes, but really the game is so easy to learn that you might as well start off playing for and winning real money. At its simplest, you can choose to place a bet on either red or black, or odd or even, and if your colour/number comes up once the ball has landed on wheel, you’ll double your money.

If you want to increase your chances of a bigger win, then you really need to bet on single numbers, or else groups of numbers. It’s a riskier strategy, but the rewards can be worth it. So, the choice is yours, go all in on your lucky number, or play the waiting game with strategic bets.

Can roulette be profitable?

It is well known that over the long term the odds are slightly in favour of the house when playing roulette. However, in the short-term – an individual spin of the wheel – almost anything can happen. A great example from early 2017 happened in a Uruguayan casino where, as explained here, a man bet $35,000 on one spin and won $3.5m. Let’s hope that the answer to the question, “Can roulette be profitable?”, was a resounding “Yes!” for this player.

The reality is that the excitement players experience is generally much higher on roulette than on most other casino games. This is largely because the potential payouts are higher than in other games. For example, with most roulette games, the house pays out 35:1 on straight single number bets. While it is rare for a player to only bet on one number at a time, 35:1 really gets the juices flowing.

This means that as with all casino games – whether online or in real life – the best way to be profitable at roulette is to know when to quit and walk away from the table. We all think of the benefits of just one more spin far to easily, but the real skill in online roulette is having the self-control to be able to stop playing when a profit has been made.

Why is roulette so popular?

We believe that these high payouts, combined with the associated glamour of the casino, have given roulette a special feel amongst the general public. Other games such as poker or blackjack require substantial skills to play well and win, whereas the element of luck provided by a spinning wheel provides a mental image to many people that has similarities to a lottery. In poker, for example, the best player will usually win, but with roulette any player can win at any time. That means that we each have the same chance, which is a very appealing proposition.

If you want to enjoy the excitement of online roulette and have your chance at winning, walking away and beating the casino, why not sign up today and try your luck at InterCasino? We look forward to see you at the tables having fun.

Are roulette wheels fixed?

We have all watched gangster movies related to Las Vegas where the game is rigged. Roulette is one of the games most frequently depicted this way. Those casinos were shown as having hidden magnets under the wheel or a croupier that was in on the action – in other words, taking steps to control the result. That might have been true in an underground casino in Al Capone’s era, but the modern reality is very different.

Online casino games such as roulette are audited by government agencies to ensure that they are fair. It is in the best interests of the casino to run fair games – who would want to play a fixed game? Here at InterCasino, we and all our games are operated by companies overseen by a regulator to established and upheld standards. You can trust that our games are legal, compliant and fair. We want you to have a great time and to enjoy your gaming experience as much as possible.

Will you have fun with online roulette?

No game is for everyone and this applies just as much to online roulette as anything else. What we have learned is that the people that enjoy roulette tend to really love it. Here at InterCasino, we provide many varieties for desktop, tablet and mobile devices and we are sure that we will entertain you and provide lots of fun on our games. Sign up today and receive a special Welcome Deal.