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How to play online casino slots

Online casino slots are both fast and fun, plus there’s always a jackpot or two waiting around the corner for the lucky players. Online slots are also the easiest of all the casino games to play, providing a rewarding experience and making them extremely popular with online players.

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Unlike the simple one-arm bandits of yesteryear, the latest online slots usually feature multiple paylines, meaning that not only do you win when lining up symbols across the centre of the reels but in lots of other combinations too. You’ll also notice wild, scatter, free spin and bonus symbols, all of which will help you unlock the bonus round features — where the really big money is won.

Be sure to check the rules section via the ‘i’ or ‘?’ symbol in the slot games to find out exactly what does what and how to change the various settings. To get a feel for a game, you can also play slots for fun at InterCasino. And once you’ve mastered the game, you can start playing your favourite slots for real money.

Then all you have to do is set your bet level per spin and go for that big win. And if you’re feeling particularly lazy, there’s always the auto-spin function. So, what are you waiting for? Good luck!

What online slots are the best to play?

There is actually an incredibly wide range of online slot games available. For example, there are many themed slot games. These themes are wide ranging, but generally focus on a number of the myths and legends that we all know about. There are games about pirates, sports, zombies, cars, gangsters and on and on.

There are also licensed games. These are normally based on something that is very famous and successful in popular culture. Great examples are TV shows, movies and bands. The reels contain images closely associated with the subject and usually use the music that might have been a theme tune or popular anthem.

These games are clearly focused on the link between gambling and entertainment, a link that is clear to see in locations such as Las Vegas. Other games are more focused on the money.

There are a much smaller number of games that focus on big jackpots and prizes. These games are so important to online slot players that websites like InterCasino have their own pages devoted to them. Both our and sites also have a slots section.

Who plays online slots?

There is an urban myth, one that is mainly seen in Hollywood movies about Las Vegas, that slot machines are mostly played by ladies of a certain age. That may well be true – most generalisations are based on something – but we have found that our online slot games are played by people of both genders with a very wide range of ages. Here at InterCasino, our data goes back all the way to 1996 and we find it difficult to see any obvious patterns about what demographic group plays our games the most.

Who wins at slots?

Over the years, we have seen real money winners of every type at InterCasino. We have had players win very large prizes with their first ever £20 deposit. We have also had people that were playing for high amounts per spin win huge prizes.

Are online slots random?

The reality is that our site and the games available are licensed in the EU and UK. The regulations mean that every action is closely controlled and available to be monitored and audited. The chances of any individual winning should be almost identical to any other individual player.

What this means is that that any player – including you – is able to win at slots. The amounts available to be won depend on the game being played and amount of money being staked per spin. You really can win cash prizes at InterCasino.

Are slots legal in the UK?

Websites and companies such as operate under a strict licensing regime in the United Kingdom. The rules apply to all versions of our site, including our mobile website. We are also very careful to comply fully with rules relating to responsible gambling and support the efforts of organisations such as and

Which slots should I play?

Since 1996, we have been able to provide a wide range of online gambling entertainment and we have many players that are regulars many years after they first joined. That is seriously entertaining and you might enjoy yourself as much as our other players do. Every player has their own favourite game or style, such as our live casino games, but the best slot machine games have remained popular for years. Why not sign up today, claim your free spins and see whether these games are the ones for you?

What makes Starburst such a popular slot game?

Since being created by NetEnt in 2012, Starburst has become one of the most popular slots games in the online casino scene and is now considered to be an enduring success.

Starburst is easy to understand and simple to play, mixing vibrant colours in an arcade atmosphere. For players that enjoy high-paced and energising slots, Starburst offers many fun features that make for a memorable playing experience. The action starts with an ordinary 5-reels and 10 paylines but it also holds many subtle details that make the gaming experience much more interesting.

There are a total of 10 win lines that run from both sides, so from left to right and from right to left. So, you could say that there is a total of 20 winlines.

Starburst Wild is a feature that many people love. It offers players the chance to re-spin up to 3 times when the Starburst Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. This feature makes your possibility for a big win much higher.

Starburst has a strong convenience factor, because like many other slots games, players can regulate their bet, both in terms of wagering but also in terms of the line selector, which enables players to choose their number of paylines for each spin.

For more daring players, Autoplay and Max Bet options are also available, which will throw a player into deep end of the game with minimal effort from your end. Find out if you will go wild for Starburst and reach for the stars!

Will the multiple reels of Twin Spin help you win?

Twin Spin is a cool online video slots game with a groovy soundtrack and a huge jackpot that's guaranteed to make your head spin. It combines old-style Las Vegas excitement with the most sophistication of modern video-slot technology.

Each spin starts with identical, adjacent twin reels that are linked together. During the spin, the twin reels can expand to become triplet, quadruplet or even quintuplet reels. The unique reel synchronisation and linking feature that appears on every single spin offers 243 ways to win. This ensures that players don’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas to enjoy the maximum level of excitement that they get every time they play Twin Spin.

Bets can range from €0.01 up to maximum of €250. When you play Twin Spin, you're in total control of your game. Through an intuitive control panel, it enables you adjust every detail of your gaming experience, including the number of active paylines, the coin value per bet and the bet amount you wish to wager. Twin Spin also features a range of bonuses that offer players free spins and massive multiplier wins. These can be unlocked by hitting special combinations on the reels. To view these winning combinations, simply check out the paytable on Twin Spins.

Take your turn and try to hit your twin spin!